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Volunteer medical missions


On a medical mission with OCA in the Mindanao region of the Philippines, volunteers connect with hospital staff and patients, and provide medical support and critical supplies at the Southern Philippine Medical Center in Davao City, Philippines.


While the local surgeons in the Mindanao region do an excellent job of caring for their patients, they are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients who require care. OCA fills this gap in care by providing anesthesia and surgical intervention during the volunteer missions.


Surgical procedures include, but are not limited to the following: cataract removal, mitral valve replacements, craniofacial reconstruction, spine surgery, lip and palate repairs, heart valve replacements, and goiter surgery.

What the volunteers say:  

"OCA’s work is crucial because it gives people an opportunity of free and quality health care, which they wouldn't be able to receive otherwise."

"While I was there at the hospital, I learned that if OCA did not come on their mission trips, hundreds or even thousands of Filipino citizens would not receive the necessary treatment they need, for maybe even their whole lives."

"OCA gave people hope, and it gives life-saving medical services to people who would not have access to them otherwise."

Missions at a Glance
  • Missions are led annually in January-February

  • Approximately 400+ surgical procedures are provided during one mission

  • Volunteers fundraise and/or pay for their flights, accommodations & food

  • The trips are approximately 7-10 days

  • OCA prefers a commitment to volunteer at least 4 months in advance

  • Volunteers of all ages are welcome and medical student volunteers will receive additional training through their volunteer service. 

Partners at a Glance

OCA partners with metro-Detroit based universities, hospitals, student groups and families every year in order to offer high quality care and critical medical supplies to the Mindanao region, along with medical training and global perspective to volunteers of all backgrounds.


Past Partners include:

  • St. John’s Providence Health System

  • Michigan State University

  • Oakland University

  • Wayne State University

  • University of Detroit Mercy

  • University of Detroit Jesuit High School

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